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TXST Teaching and Learning Technology Innovation Grant – Hololens

Dr. BJ Spencer, I’m an assistant professor of practice in the construction science and management program. The use of the HoloLens units allows us to actually experience, to immerse ourself into our projects. Right now we’re learning to draw them in the computer screen, but now with the HoloLens we can either make them where they can, the mixed reality, they can sit on the tabletop, or we can actually make them full-sized and we can walk through that. The innovation grant has been wonderful in not only getting the technology that we wanted in our program, but the use of the staff, they were very friendly and forthcoming with ideas and recommendations and very easy to work with, and very super supportive of everything, so we’ll definitely continue use of what we already have and then of course any other future innovations, like software and those kinds of things.

I’ll definitely pursue the innovation grant, it’s been a wonderful asset for our department. So my name is Overton Crooms, I’m a senior here at Texas State. I am a construction management major here, and I’ve really learned a lot through Mrs. Spencer’s class. One of the cool things that she implemented this year was the HoloLens, it really did bring my educational standpoint to the next level because I actually get to use hands-on what they actually use out there in the field. I use the Hololens for my capstone project in my capstone course, and employers were they were truly blown away you know and I showed them all the fine detail through the HoloLens, and it actually helped me gain a job offer. This is Dr.

Carlos Solis, I’m the Associate Vice President for the Technology Innovation Office. The focus of the grants is really not the technology itself, but how as a faculty member one can leverage emerging technologies or use technology in innovative ways. We are very happy and willing to work with faculty in developing ideas to help them put together a proposal that is more likely to be successful. I think that by working together you have an opportunity to explore new ways of teaching, new ways of engaging your students, and also new ways to set them up to be successful in the workplace. .

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