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Technology That Touches Lives – Inspiring Innovation – Chase

We’re in New Orleans to celebrate our commitment to Team Gleason and the Team Gleason center for ALS. We’re so happy to be able to contribute $350,000 to the Team Gleason House. It is going to have a huge impact on the lives of so many folks that suffer from this terrible disease. Steve Gleason is a hero in this town. He turned around a football game right after Katrina and shortly after retiring Steve Gleason developed ALS. Can you hear me okay? This is my first public speech using my synthetic voice. After my diagnosis I was determined to gather the right support, the right technology and continue living a purposeful life despite the progression of the disease. A lot of people who are inflicted with this disease just withdraw. To see people like Steve Gleason try to help the world is really special. Most people do not associate nursing homes with innovation but this place is shifting the paradigm on how to care for people. This system is automation controller for people with disabilities. Turning on that light, changing that channel, opening that door are as easy as pressing this button.

The way Steve Gleason uses his system is through eye-tracking. The camera underneath his computer watches where he is looking. Chase provided the funding to make it possible to put this system in to this building. We believe that innovation and technology are the way to solve the world’s toughest challenges. And this totally aligns with our effort to revitalize New Orleans. I want to thank the entire Chase family for helping make the Team Gleason House a reality.

Many ALS patients end up fading away quietly and dying. I did not want to fade away quiety. For Chase to provide a grant, we not only help patients afflicted with ALS. But we’re helping create jobs and create growth and opportunities throughout the world. Some day soon everyone will navigate a computer with their eyes or their thoughts. When that day comes, remember you saw it here first. .

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