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Kids Explain the Internet…and It’s Adorable

– Canadians explain the Internet. (bright music) – The Internet’s something magical. – It’s a boat that makes the TV work I think. – You can’t see it. – The Internet is– – A large space full of things. – Made out of electricity. – A virtual world. – Technology …

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The Internet: Crash Course Computer Science #29

Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! As we talked about last episode, your computer is connected to a large, distributed network, called The Internet. I know this because you’re watching a youtube video, which is being streamed over that very internet. It’s arranged as an ever-enlarging …

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The Internet Was A Mistake

In October of 1992, when the world wide web was just a few years old, and the idea of streaming terabytes of pornography was just a far-fetched dream, a presidential candidate had an interesting idea: “I will have a unique mandate… that we’re going to inform the people in detail …

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