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How machine learning helps scientists track asteroids

Hi I’m Hema and I use machine learning to predict whether asteroids will hit us I try bank fraud by day and after it’s by night our planet is surrounded by thousands of asteroids and comets call near-earth objects like this one a couple of years ago NASA is a …

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Will Self-Taught, A.I. Powered Robots Be the End of Us?

People have a perception of what AI and robotics should look like from Hollywood. What do I call you? Do you have a name? Yes, Samantha. Where did you get that name from? I gave it to myself actually. We’ve seen happy robots, sad robots, complex robots, but, in reality, …

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The Internet Was A Mistake

In October of 1992, when the world wide web was just a few years old, and the idea of streaming terabytes of pornography was just a far-fetched dream, a presidential candidate had an interesting idea: “I will have a unique mandate… that we’re going to inform the people in detail …

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What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

So you are reading an article online when you get an instant message with a link to a funny photo, which of course you have to share. And now you are reading your Facebook News Wall, which sends you to a video of a panda bear attacking a kid. And …

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Technology at JPMorgan Chase – Inspiring Innovation

(background music) (voice over off screen) Always on Always moving Always connected (voice over off screen) Technology has changed the way we communicate (girl in tablet on screen) “Hey Andy” (voice over off screen) the way we interact, and the way we see the world. We see technology as an …

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