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The Moon is Artificial and I Can Prove It: Alien Observatory

No doubt you’ve heard some of the completely unexplainable stories about the moon there are the strange structures that made front-page news of major news publications but were then dismissed from all media and even photoshopped out of photos there are the strange lunar wave videos of recent years which …

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How machine learning helps scientists track asteroids

Hi I’m Hema and I use machine learning to predict whether asteroids will hit us I try bank fraud by day and after it’s by night our planet is surrounded by thousands of asteroids and comets call near-earth objects like this one a couple of years ago NASA is a …

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Principal Kappy Cannon Fosters Technology Innovation and Teamwork

>> Ready to answer? >> These second graders in Columbia, South Carolina are about to come face-to-face with a class of second graders halfway around the globe in Jordan. >> Good morning, South Carolina. >> Good morning, good morning. >> This teleconference is just part of the technology-rich, twenty-first century …

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