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Three top homework apps for students

well it is back-to-school week and that means the start of homework wah-wah so in today’s good to know segment we are breaking down three apps that any student can use to make the year a little bit easier for instance if you struggle with math try out the app …

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10 Funny situations that show how much the internet has changed our lives. Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives. But it literally is just a part. Don’t ever succumb to panic. Real life is definitely still out there, despite the huge effect that the internet has to …

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The Dangers of the Internet

Over the past centuries, technologies have regularly come along that completely change how we connect to each other: the printing press, the telegraph, the telephone; the newspaper, the radio, the TV. All are technologies that begin social revolutions. We’re living through one such revolution now. It started in 1962 with …

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