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How machine learning helps scientists track asteroids

Hi I’m Hema and I use machine learning to predict whether asteroids will hit us I try bank fraud by day and after it’s by night our planet is surrounded by thousands of asteroids and comets call near-earth objects like this one a couple of years ago NASA is a challenge to help them classify all the near-earth objects in space so we can avoid the same fate as a dinosaur’s Bayou stands alone and open-source framework developed by Google to design a program called deep after a quiz turns float the plastering can process huge amounts of data the faster it works as a multi-layer process the more layers that you add more refined result together it adds knowledge embedded in forms scientists the good news and answer is very unlikely to hit Earth so we’re safe for now through street view I could explore the world it’s just like you’re walking up and down the street I thought that other artists might enjoy it also so I created the virtual pain out

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