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Funniest Cute Kids Who Called 911

This videos brought to you by shari’s berries. We all know how adorable kids can be they’re so innocent they say simple-minded things but sometimes they misunderstand for example when kids call 9-1-1 to try to find answers to their personal problems because it’s an emergency but in reality they don’t understand it’s for real emergencies We can’t be mad at kids They don’t know any better, and this compilation is absolutely hilarious kids who called 9-1-1, but these calls are like just super adorable You’ll see what I mean.

Hi guys. You’re watching reaction time without further ado. We’re just gonna jump right into it, so let’s go Usually you ask tutors for some help But I bet this kid’s parents were like if you ever have an emergency just call 9-1-1 if you ever feel like you need to help haul 9-1-1 excusing okay, I can’t solve this problem I wonder how old this kid is right now Isn’t take aways like subtraction. Yeah take away is like subtraction like two take away one is one that’s so adorable that he doesn’t even cause subtraction so 2 plus 2 is 4 Minus 1 is 3 well, I don’t know I’m saying I say it’s a teacher’s fault.

You didn’t teach him properly Ok I’m just kidding. Let’s keep going What’s another problem that was a tough one here’s one five six five take away five how much do you think? Policeman first of all it wasn’t the policeman, but I mean this kid didn’t know, but that is so adorable I mean What did this kid though took the line off and then all the other lines were busy and some kind needed the police To arrive at their destination as soon as possible, but this kid was getting help with math That’s the only bad thing I see about this mother than that is just pure innocence oh Oh My god the kid should get a medal so adorable Hopefully he’s better at takeaways now because I think that was a few years old If anybody knows a kid or knows of the story let me know the kid can finally solve 5-5 all right next up we got it Lynnae, which is a little girl And she called 911 no emergency like the other one We just saw, but let’s just see how it goes down How can I help you good, is there a grown-up there I can talk to are you there by yourself That’s not even close.

Oh, what do you want to tell me let me? Post a million pounds golden superfood. I can’t hear you. You need to speak up please okay? How old are you? How old are you Lynnae, four, and is your mommy or your daddy there, yeah can I talk to one of them? Well I have to talk to them because I need to know more about Disney on Ice Well, I don’t know about it, I need to talk to them about Oh Okay, can I talk to your mommy or your daddy? Oh, I feel bad. I think she just called because you wanted to tell someone about Maybe she doesn’t even have friends, and she’s like if you ever need to talk to somebody in an emergency Or if you need help with something call 911 She’s like I want to talk to somebody about Disney on Ice, so they’re busy, but I need to talk to one of them, please They probably get mad if they knew so no never oh That’s so cute, which one anything was cuter so far the first kid or her I think she’s more adorable But the the first kid was even more – like he tried so hard to do math and just couldn’t do it Like I’ve always taught her call nine-one-one if you need help, and I didn’t know she was gonna take it to that extent Deputy was dispatched to come out and make sure that everything was okay here when I show up on scene her Grandfather actually opens up the door, and he’s like yeah.

Everything’s fine. You know she accidentally your dial nine-one-one She just came Aleeah just comes running around from behind him and she’s like hey and I saw that she only had one pant leg on and so I just got down on the steps with her and I helped her Fix up her pants And then she asked me to help her out with her shoes the you guys understood that this adorable little girl called 9-1-1 Had 9-1-1 come to the house to help her fix her pants guess she had a wardrobe emergency That’s basically what happened, and she also needed help with shoes and then She she just gives big smile and held her arms up for me to hug her and I ended up holding her in my arms For a bit this has made her day.

There’s no doubt about that I’ve wanted to be cop since I was about six years old and I would actually dial nine one and then go hide because I wanted cops to show up and I Just wanted to see them. I loved I loved police officers so when I showed up And it was the same thing kind of going on I was like that’s me only two years old Children appear on 9-1-1 from time to time when they may be playing on the phone But one that was this happy to see a deputy she didn’t run in hide she embraced her We hope the public embrace our deputies Just like this two-year-old alright guys that was another kid wardrobe emergency malfunction I guess that was the third one so the first of one is math second one just a friend But want to tell you something you know I want to tell you something third one, wardrobe emergency what’s gonna be the fourth one What did you learn at school today? Okay Guys you know I love these dispatchers, they’re so respectful they don’t get pissed off I mean these are kids are dealing with anyways if you get pissed at a kid I just curious and doesn’t really understand.

That’s kind of messed up about these dispatchers. They’re like they’re really nice I wasn’t expecting them to be that friendly to the kids. I was expecting them to be a bit more annoyed Maybe be like let me talk to your parents right now Make sure you don’t call here again if it’s an emergency, but instead they literally have a conversation with them She kinda reminds me a honey boo boo that actually looked like honey boo boo child As the calls happened a deputy was dispatched to Santa face house.

Just in case they definitely said you ran and hugged her I was excited Little scared Santa Fe and the officer talked for a little I I think she’s like one of the most adorable one so far she’s she’s just so adorable so basically they taught these really young children in class if there’s an emergency they can call a policeman but um I guess it didn’t really make it clear that I only has to be maybe something really bad like like a robbery Or a life-threatening emergency or or something happened to your parents because apparently these kids are still calling 9-1-1 all the time she wasn’t Scolded but reminded that you’re not opposed to call 9-1-1 Only if its emergency. It was a few weeks ago So the kindergartners forgotten some details But she remembers the lesson and the worry after the deputies said goodbye when I was scared when she waved why I love how they just don’t answer like why because and they just cuts off and find this little boy Well you just hear what he has to say This kiss this shot is dad.

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I’ll see you guys soon until then Hope you have a good one and peace out .

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