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automatica 2018 – Artificial intelligence Supports Humans

Smart robots not only provide support with complex production processes in industry they’re steadily taking over the service sector whether in logistics medicine or customer service man and machine are increasingly working hand in hand and slowly but surely artificial intelligence is taking center stage whenever there’s human interaction involved you always have to integrate a certain amount of intelligence whether you’re another human being or a robot that’s why AI is very important in robotics especially for human robot interaction the German Aerospace Center is researching the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector the plan is for virtual reality to help patients have become even phantom pain many patients around 50% I think can’t get used to wearing a prosthesis and what we do is successfully train them to wear their prosthesis in virtual reality it’s sort of a support on the way to using your own prosthesis so the new coin they’re hanging for TV as the prosthesis moves muscle tension on the surface of the skin is measured and these data are made visible to the patient in virtual reality to facilitate the training what’s very important are sensors to measure what the patient wants to do the data from these sensors are processed with machine learning and then converted into movements of the prosthesis in virtual reality the patient moves but he doesn’t really because he has no arm left but he sees his arm move in virtual reality is a bit relativity pervy the Technical University of Munich is also working on human interaction with its humanoid robot Robo today using voice and image recognition roboy can already speak with people advise them and always learn something new yes sure in the future roboy could give humans support with their own movements the knowledge be created with roboy is interesting for everyone because it allows us to build better prosthetics or better exoskeletons that means that in 10 or 15 years nobody will need to buy a wheelchair anymore we’ll have robots that can dress us and help us to walk and here we’re making valuable contributions to that artificial intelligence could revolutionize human robot collaboration in service robotics at Automatica in Munich the leading trade fair for automation and robotics exhibitors are presenting innovative solutions on robotic support for humans in the future and point but on one aspect that makes this technology highly relevant for industry is the use of these muscle tendons to make the entire robot lighter the poles are shifted to the inside that way we can very lightweight safe robots that can interact with humans so for human robot collaboration in general and for industry this is an important first step in the right direction pinions for project in our projects we keep on noticing that robots don’t replace humans they work with them humans are good at certain things we can understand things very well in abstract terms and perceive them very well if robots are strong and very precise and when the two collaborate you have the best of both worlds the best of

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